Welcome to Mental Toughness Institute for High Performers

I want to congratulate you for being courageous and taking the first step to
overcoming anxiety, nerves and to learn how to become a RESILIENT athlete that can
conquer any adversity.

Welcome to the Mental Toughness Institute Online Education Site

This course will provide you with the tools and skills important to becoming a fearless
and focused athlete.

Just like the elements and skills that you learn in your sport, you go through the
process of learning, practice and many repetitions to condition the skill and with
continued attention to the details of the skill and then build that skill to a high level of
competency where you can perform it under pressure…when it counts!

To become a mentally tough and resilient athlete, like any physical skill, training your
mindset takes time, practice, dedication and intention to persevere through tough

About Your Coach

Hi, my name is Christine Reeves Beleznay.

I am a High-Performance Champion Mindset Coach and I am so glad that you are here.

I am a former professional athlete that competed at the world and international level
and performed in 22 countries for over 17 years, so I have dealt with my share of
nerves, performance anxiety, injury, disappointment and a whole bunch of challenges
that at times felt as if I would never overcome them.

I am also a Mom, to an elite athlete who earned a scholarship to play his sport at a
prominent and respected University.

As a certified mental toughness trainer, life coach and neural-linguistics practitioner I
have taken my lifetime of experience as a competitor, my years as a coach and trainer
in my sport and added it to my education in sport high-performance mindset training.


In these courses that I have developed, I am devoted to bringing to my athletes the
very best mental toughness programming so that each of you will have the skills and
tools to achieve your goals and dreams and what is so great about these skills and
tools? You will use them throughout your whole life, in academics and in your career
beyond competing in your sport!!


During this scary time when recreation centers, ice rinks, gym, clubs and schools are
all closing, there is so much up in the air, so much that is unknown, it is easy for the
mind to spiral down the “what if” hole, to become filled with anxiety and fear of “what
will happen?”, “how long will this last?”, “will I lose my skills?”.

I want you to know right off the bat, that these feelings of fear and anxiety are a
normal response to the fearful and negative thoughts that “unknown” and stressful
circumstances create.

Anxiety and fear can be caused by having to deal with an injury or like what is happening in our world right now due to the Corona Virus.

During this course you learn what it takes to not only survive challenges, obstacles
and adversity but you will learn to thrive and continue to improve in your sport so that
when it’s time to get back on the field, on the ice or on the court, you will be better,
faster and mentally stronger than before, you will be that RESILIENT ATHLETE THAT

Mental Toughness training is a crucial skill to have in your toolbox but remember like
any skill the more you work at it and practice it the better at it you will be!

Enjoy the course and get your mental toughness reps in!!!