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Champion Mindset Coaching - Online course to help you achieve your goals and reach the stars


RESILIENCY: Overcome Adversity*

Learn how to overcome any challenge, problem, injury or obstacle. No matter what the challenge you will learn to remain calm, positive and become empowered to achieve your goals.

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Professional, Elite and Olympic Athletes

All successful champions know that mindset is 90% of the game, and use their mental toughness tools to become fearless, resilient anti-fragile athletes

Christine Reeves Beleznay, CMTT, CLC, NLP

If you struggle with performance anxiety, nerves, lack of emotional control than you need to build high-performance mindset skills

Learn online in the privacy of your home, at your pace for what you need!  An interactive easy to use course platform that teaches you the valuable and essential skills of the champions so that you to can achieve your dreams

Coach Christine is not only a former professional athlete and  coach but a proud Mom of a varsity athlete.

Coach Christine is a certified mental toughness coach, life coach and neural-linguistic practitioner, who brings her lifetime of athletic, personal and educational experience to all her students to help them reach their goals.

What Our Students Have to Say

I am so glad that I have learned my mindset tools and skills, not only have I improved but I am standing on the podium! Thanks Coach Christine!
From Coquitlam, B.C.
Before learning my mental toughness tools I used to circle and pop my jumps and was often too nervous in competition to skate my best but after taking Coach Christine's mindset course I am now landing my jumps and happier than ever! Thanks to Coach Christine and the mental toughness training I can now compete with confidence.
From BC Canada
With out mindset training I would not have received sport scholarships and been drafted to the UBC varsity baseball team . I highly recommend to any competitive athlete that they make mental toughness training a priority!
From Toronto Canada
Mental Toughness is an essential training tool in an athletes toolbox, it's as important as your physical training especially at the elite level. I recommend every competitive athlete work on their mindset to compliment their physical and technical training!
From Finland